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Voodoo Lab Power Supply

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus.

Voodoo Lab’s power supplies are the industry standard. They are quality gear that I recommend. I use them on my pedalboards. I run my pedalboards for hours at a time and I have never had a failure. Voodoo Lab power supplies offer a quiet, trusted, isolated power source for you expensive pedal collection.

I use the Pedal Power 2 Plus and the MONDO. Both power supplies are great. Many options for wiring your demanding 18 volt pedals and flawless operation. The sag feature is cool as you can simulate an old battery dying and capture some interesting sounds running drive pedals at a lower voltage.

Voodoo Lab has designed and manufactured professional electronics for recording and touring musicians since 1986.

Analogman modded Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Analogman modded Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Analogman modded Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

The Electro Harmonix XO Deluxe Memory Man was released in May of 2009. The XO is denoting this is the latest version of the DMM that features a smaller die-cast footprint and true bypass switching. It has four NOS Panasonic MN3008 chips. The circuit remains about the same to the original and so does the sound. The Analogman modifications are a delay time tweak, input impedance increase and a gain reduction mod.

I am a delay snob and I love this pedal. This is the only pedal I am using with my amps that have effects loops. It adds a huge delay texture to your sound and the Mix knob allows you to dial in your wet delay tone. I have the DMM sitting on top of my amp where I can more easily operate the knobs and it makes the trip to the effects loop shorter.

This pedal can be very subtle when using a quick slap back delay to add a little width to you signal or you can dial in some over the top psychedelic sounds. Either way the blend knob lets you tame the guitar to effect ratio and then the Feedback knob controls the amount of repeats.

I like to strum a chord and turn the Feedback knob UP to induce self-oscillation. Then adjust the Delay knob to a slower time setting and the DMM creates a fun tape warping/wobble sound. This effect is cool for ending a song or even building a crescendo into or out of a bridge.

The delay time tweak:

Analogman extends the delay time of the Deluxe Memory man to about 500mS or so and warns that at the higher delay times (over 400mS) may have a slightly metallic, ring modulated sound and might sound funny if you play clean. Just turn the delay time down a little if it starts getting too weird.

Input impedance increase mod:

Analogman modded Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Analogman modded Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man inside

When on, the Deluxe Memory Man has a slightly dull tone on the dry sound due to a low input impedance. This mod helps both the WET and DRY tone when the pedal is ON. Makes no difference when off since the pedal is true bypass. If you run a buffer in front of the Memory Man you may not notice the tone loss.

Gain reduction mod:

Analogman reduces the gain for less distortion on the DMM to help with overloading problems. There is a gain trim pot on this tweak. If you turn it down too much you lose the ability to self-oscillate, but at Analogman’s marked setting the gain is reduced enough to sound good and still allows self-oscillating repeats. You can turn it all the way up to get back to the stock gain.

Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

I love this pedal. Sounds boss with a fuzz and two amps. Duel in – duel out, two speed tremolo pedal. At home I run two 2×12’s vertical and side by side. I run most of my pedals into my Divided by 13 Switchazel input and then run the Switchazel into the Toneczar Stereo Powerglide pedal and then into a stereo loop pedal. I am using the Electro Harmonix 720 stereo looper.

The panning warble created when using two amps in Pan mode is very pronounced. You have an option to Pan or Sync the tremolo effect. When switched to Pan the pedal pans between both speakers. Sync mode raised and lowers the volume of both at the same time. I like the Pan mode best as it creates a wonderful rotary effect.

I find this pedal useful when creating a living and breathing soundscape. The Toneczar operates completely silently so no knocking or ticking extras.

With this tremolo I am able to get some Transformer-like dubstep robot breathing or atmospheric sounds. Fun with pick scrapes.

A three position Waveform (Brown/Black/Square) Mode toggle switch goes between a Fender Brown, Fender Black Face and then a full on Square chop option. The Brownface mode is deep and swaying. Blackface mode is silky smooth and even. Square-wave mode is full off/on chop at maximum depth.