Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

Toneczar Stereo Powerglide Two Speed Tremolo

I love this pedal. Sounds boss with a fuzz and two amps. Duel in – duel out, two speed tremolo pedal. At home I run two 2×12’s vertical and side by side. I run most of my pedals into my Divided by 13 Switchazel input and then run the Switchazel into the Toneczar Stereo Powerglide pedal and then into a stereo loop pedal. I am using the Electro Harmonix 720 stereo looper.

The panning warble created when using two amps in Pan mode is very pronounced. You have an option to Pan or Sync the tremolo effect. When switched to Pan the pedal pans between both speakers. Sync mode raised and lowers the volume of both at the same time. I like the Pan mode best as it creates a wonderful rotary effect.

I find this pedal useful when creating a living and breathing soundscape. The Toneczar operates completely silently so no knocking or ticking extras.

With this tremolo I am able to get some Transformer-like dubstep robot breathing or atmospheric sounds. Fun with pick scrapes.

A three position Waveform (Brown/Black/Square) Mode toggle switch goes between a Fender Brown, Fender Black Face and then a full on Square chop option. The Brownface mode is deep and swaying. Blackface mode is silky smooth and even. Square-wave mode is full off/on chop at maximum depth.

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